Matching Outdoor Patio

There's nothing like the comfort of your home - outside.

Draperies bring out Elegance.

Feel the warmth and elegance with 11 foot draperies that match your style.

Bolster Pillow that Calms the Soul

Match the style with your restful nights and feel at ease with designs that calms your inner self.

Custom Curtain Rod for your Particular Taste

With Custom Curtain Rods, the wildest ideas may come true and anything is possible.

Soft Valance to make your room Larger

With many different types of Valance, you can turn any small room into a large, any large room into a bigger one, and it'll always look good.

Coco Palm Designs is waiting to work with you and make the most out of your imagination come true.

Contact Cheryl @ or call 623-225-9819 for a consult.